Sasuke Uchiha

“This is the path I walk. Not you or anyone can change that.” – Sasuke Uchiha

As the last survivor of Uchiha’s clan, Sasuke has made it his life’s mission to avenge the demise of his clan. He is consumed by burning obsession to kill the murderer, Itachi Uchiha, who is also his brother.

Zen Creations proudly presents to you, Sasuke Uchiha. He is the third character in our exclusive, “1/6 Posable Anime Figure” model line, from the world-renowned anime series — Naruto Shippuden.

License: Naruto Shippuden
Price: $188.00

Product Specification:-
• SKU: PAF003
• Scale: 1/6th
• Height: Approximately 28cm tall
• Points of Articulations: Specially developed anime action body with over 30 points of articulations
• Three (3) interchangeable face sculpts with different expression
• Two (2) interchangeable hair styles
• Eleven (11) pieces of interchangeable hands
• Accessories:
      a. Snake Sword
      b. Chidori
      c. Chidori Blade (Effect)
• Orochimaru’s Hideout Base
• Edition Size: World limited 2500 sets (each set come with individual edition number)
• Estimated Release Date: Quarter 2 of 2023

Development Team:
Shintaro Takahashi (Head Sculpt)
Hiroki Akimoto (Accessories Sculpt)
Takeuchi Hamu (Hajimeno) (Master Paint)
Zen Creations Team


The images above are a prototype and should be only used as a reference.

Please note, the product details are subjected to change without further notice.