[SOLD OUT] Gaara


The one who is willing to protect his villagers by sacrificing himself!!!   Zen Creations proudly present to you, Gaara.  He is the second launch of our exclusive opening line of  “1/6 Posable Anime Figure” model from the world-renowned anime series — Naruto Shippuden. 

This Gaara action figure features a 1:6 scaled recreation of the classic Naruto Shippuden series.  The Jinchūriki of the One-Tail character will definitely become the centerpiece of your collection!

License: Naruto Shippuden
Price: $180.00

Product Specifications:-

  •       Scale: 1/6th
  •       Height: Approximately 28cm tall
  •       Points of Articulations: Specially developed anime action body with over 30 points of articulations
  •       Two (2) interchangeable head sculpts with different expression
  •       Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable hands
  •       Accessories:
    • a. Shukaku Hand
    • b. Sand Effect
  •       Hidden Sand Village Desert Land Base
  •       Estimated Release Date: Quarter 4 of 2021


About the Character

Gaara is a shinobi of Hidden Sand Village. He was born to be the Jinchūriki of One-Tail Shukaku as a weapon of the village.  In his early life, he was trying to be kind to everyone even though everyone was frightened of him and treated him as a monster. He still tries to connect with people around him due to the love that he felt from his maternal uncle, Yashamaru and his late mother, Kurura.  Unfortunately, Yashamaru was instructed by Gaara’s father, Rasa to kill him as these loves will impede Gaara’s Jinchūriki development. Gaara killed Yashamaru in this incident. It fueled his hate for the world and continuing to look out only for himself.

Gaara met with Naruto Uzumaki at the Konoha Crush. During the fight between them, he was defeated by Naruto and started to realized that his choices and decisions in life were wrong.  Since then, he tries his best to improve his relationship with his siblings and others. As his story progresses, Gaara became the fifth Kazekage and was willing to give his life to protect his villagers.


Development Team:

Yusuke Yokoyama (Sculpt & Master Paint)
Zen Creations Team



The images above are a prototype and should be only used as a reference.

Please note, the product details are subjected to change without further notice.